You will get a lot of Printing Fabric wear out of them, and you will be set with your wardrobe when the seasons start to change.

Lori Ann Robinson is an image, fashion and personal branding consultant, speaker and 4 time Emmy nominated costume designer.

It is that time when you visit tropical beaches around the world for relaxation. You need not only look good, but you also need to carry practical and comfortable tropical wear.

This does not only mean the bold floral patterns, but also choose the right fabric for the tropical clothes you are going to wear when on holiday.

Remember that the tropics are usually quite warm. To be comfortable in such weather, one needs to select clothes that are made from fabrics such as cotton, linen, rayon and silk mesh types.

Since these materials are natural they are better for allowing air circulation around the body, absorbing perspiration and drying more easily than synthetic fabrics, such as polyester.

When shopping for your tropical wear choose fabrics that are able to absorb moisture from the skin easily. This will ensure that one does not have to think about perspiring too much.

Another consideration is adequate protection from too much sunlight and the plants that you may encounter during your visit to the tropics.

The color of the fabric is also important when selecting tropical swimwear. One needs clothes that will reflect the light from the sun.

In addition, these are relaxing and happy moments for most people and the clothes should reflect that. Beige, white and pastels are some of the colorful choices you can make Suede Fabric .