After you know Garden Watering Tools exactly how many plants you'll need you're ready to get started.

All the supplies that are listed, you can get at your local hardware or lawn and garden store; some may even be found now-a-days at your local drug store.

Once you have your tray with its empty six pack container, you simply fill them-the six pack containers-full of dirt; but don't compact it, you want it nice and loose.

 Then wet it well. Now your tray prep is done.So there is some benefit to moving the sod.

Then you can label and put one to two seeds per hole, per type of plant, into each of the six packs.

 This part is important, try to make one six pack one type of plant; this is so that you won't have to spend time guessing what the plants are because they weren't labeled.

Then cover the flat with plastic cling wrap and set it on you window-base or on a table that the tray fits well upon in front of your window.

When the plants emerge and have their first two leaves you may remove the plastic.

Make sure, when you have the plastic on and after you take it off that you check daily to make sure the Lopping Shears soil is wet.