Garden Shredder  is a type of indoor gardening which does not require soil for plant growth.

The results are amazing as it lets you produce healthy vegetables and fruits right indoors.

This system works with individual and commercial requirements and most of all it is very affordable.

Hydroponic equipments are the relevant equipments required to make your hydroponic gardening a success.

There is an array of equipments that all go hand in hand and compliment each other to form a complete system.

Light being an essential component in plant growth, you will require grow lights preferably led grow lights since they are environmentally friendly and efficient in usage of energy.

These are however pricy but compact fluorescent light also works as well for those on a tight budget. Other types of equally efficient lighting are the HPS, HID and MH grow lights.

Choosing the right spectrum is also a key consideration for you to make bearing in mind that for younger plants to grow strong they will require blue spectrum grow lights whereas mature plants require orange or red spectrums to induce fruition or flowering.

Secondly you will require plant nutrients as this is what plants feed on in order to grow.

You will need to frequently purchase or stock up on these supplies as they are required on a regular Garden Shears basis.